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About Pressbooks

eCampusOntario has partnered with Pressbooks to offer all Ontario educators free access to a Pressbooks EDU account. A Canadian company, Pressbooks, provides a simple entry into OER creation through its easy-to-use design. Based on WordPress, if you can use Word, you can create a traditional textbook. If you are willing to play and explore, with a little more time, you can transform your traditional textbook into an engaging and interactive OER.

Want to start creating or adapting?

Sign up for your free account, compliments of eCampusOntario.

Please use this form to request an account on eCampusOntario’s instance of Pressbooks. You must be affiliated with one of our partner institutions i.e., a college or university in Ontario to create on eCampusOntario‚Äôs platform.

You must also agree to distribute your creation on this site, and in eCampusOntario’s Open Library, under at least a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike to allow people to benefit from the creations. There are exemptions e.g. Indigenous material. If you believe your work is exempt from the designated Creative Commons license, please email open@ecampusontario.ca with your rationale.

Not sure what is meant by a Creative Commons license? Learn more here.